Poems to the ocean

Poems by Rumi as inspiration for a 5 part series of abstract paintings. 

Words remain as fragments.

Like whitecaps on the sea.

Poems to the ocean.

Painted poems. 

Poems to the ocean No.1, 195 x 135 cm, 5.200 €

There is a certain cloud

Impregnated by a thousands lightnings.

There is my body, in it an ocean formed of his glory.

All the creation, all the universes, all the galaxies

are lost in it.  

Poems to the ocean No.2, 195 x 130 cm, 5.200 €

Don´t wait any longer . 

Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.

Poems to the ocean No.3, 195 x 130 cm, 5.200 €

You are not a drop in the ocean. 

You are the entire ocean 

in a drop. 

Poems to the ocean No.4, 195 x 130 cm, 5.200 €

This universe is not outside of you. 

Look inside yourself. 

Everything that you seek, 

you are already that. 

Poems to the ocean No.5, 195 x 130 cm, 5.200 €

There is a voice

That doesn’t use words.