Claudia Keupen

*1971, Traunstein, Germany

Lives and works in Palma de Mallorca/Spain
as an artist and art teacher


M.A. in European Art History
University Ludwig-Maximilian of Munic, 2002 

Examined in free painting
Academy of Art Bad Reichenhall
with Prof. Jo Bukowski, 2015 

Free artistic Studies (with  Stephan Geisler, Peter Casagrande) 


„The artist Claudia Keupen has found a style that suits her moving spirit. Achieving this goal  is a challenge for every artist. All the more beautiful when it succeeds “ 
(Prof. Jo Bukowski)


Crossover 4.0, 2022, 3D exhibition, Kunstmatrix

Dos Mundos, 2020, Casa Maribel, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Encuentro, 2019, Mansión Dux, Palma de Mallorca, Spain  

Dazwischen und darüber hinaus, 2018, Mohrvilla München, Germany

Positionen, 2015, Kunststkademie Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Zwischenraum, 2014, Gruppenausstellung, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Blicke, 2010, Praxis Dr. Deininger, München, Germany 

Groupexhibition  socialart, 2006, Mohrvilla München, Germany