Born in 1971, winner of the Artists of Mallorca 2023 art award, Claudia Keupen is an artist who works in a multidisciplinary way.


Her work, exhibited internationally, includes abstract large-scale painting and contemporary portraiture as well as digital art.


Artist with the academic degree Magister Artium in Art History from the University of Munich. Studies of painting in the master class of Prof Jo Bukowski at the Academy of Fine Arts Bad Reichenhall and awarded Artist of Mallorca 


Inspired by words, song lyrics and poems, she creates a connection between poetry and contemporary painting. 

Words applied in layers remain as fragments. They are signs that create a link between the past, the present and the future. 

The only reality is the now.



Curriculum Vitae 

The artist Claudia Keupen found a style that suits her moving spirit. To reach this goal is a great callenge for every artist.  Even more beautiful when it succeeds.“

(Prof. Jo Bukowski)


Graduated in History of Art,  University Ludwig-Maximilian, Munich 

Academic degree Magister Artium



Art Studies with Stephan Geisler, Peter Casagrande, Beate Bitterwolf, Peter Mairinger



Graduated in Fine Arts, Academy of Art,  Bad Reichenhall in the masterclass of Prof.  Jo Bukowski


from 2014 

Freelance Artist 


from 2023

Art Teacher at the Licéo Francais Internacionál de Palma 



Winner of the Art Award  of the Artists of Mallorca,  Spain


Solo Exhibition Soller, 2024, Spain

Art on Strings, Group Exhibition, Gallery Ehrenart, 2024, Cologne, Alemania

Painted Poems,  Aguasanta Gallery, 2024, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Exhibition of the Art Prize Finalists, 2023, Museu de Soller – Soller Spain

Beyond,  SOUL HOMES, 2023, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Crossover 4.0, 2022, 3D exhibition, Kunstmatrix

Dos Mundos, 2020, Casa Maribel, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Encuentro, 2019, Mansión Dux, Palma de Mallorca, Spain  

Dazwischen und darüber hinaus, 2018, Mohrvilla Munic, Germany

Positionen, 2015, Kunststkademie Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Zwischenraum, 2014, Group exhibition, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Blicke, 2010, Praxis Dr. Deininger, Munic, Germany 

Groupexhibition  socialart, 2006, Mohrvilla Munic, Germany